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I'm so fucking excited for this! And so happy to be here!
I feel like the biggest hurdle with the ship's how the writers actively avoid them having scenes together (probably b/c they got amazing chemistry) and try to limit their connection as much as possible (and they still have one despite the odds).
So I really want focus of them in space together -- b/c despite the show focusing on Clarke and her "cute" new look clearly a lot went down in space for 6 years which Raven and Bellamy were most likely at the center of and trying to handle -- going through shit together, forming this undeniable bond you can't have with just anybody.
Maybe they save the galaxy together or just do a lot of shit to save the only loved ones they have from whoever else in the galaxy? And yeah they probably get tortured together b/c the scars on Raven's wrists and gut are practically a character trait by this point, enduring everything is like their MAIN character trait
Ok I got nothing against one-shots and when you're a Rellamy/Braven shipper, then I guess you take what you can get, a plot about them dealing with bad guys in space would probably take a while though. But if you can/want fit it into a chapter or few, then I'm impressed and beyond honored to read it!
Last thing, I've NEVER done this before so apologies if this is super long and vague or just NOT how a request is supposed to look!
Thanks for your time

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