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Ravenbell Post Finale Celebration Bash!

So. The finale happened, suddenly the Bellamy/Raven fandom is on fire, so obviously we need a creative outlet!

This is modeled after our [community profile] ravenbell_kink account from back in the day. The same principle, except this time we are allowing a wide variety of prompts of all ratings. The only condition is that your prompts need to be focused on Bellamy/Raven.

What is allowed: focus on Bellamy and Raven's relationship; focus on Bellamy or Raven as an individual; threesome/moresomes including both Bellamy and Raven.

What isn't allowed: prompting/writing Bellamy or Raven paired with someone else and not each other (unless it's a mention of a past relationship or leading to a Bellamy/Raven endgame).

Tl;dr: this place is full of shippers, don't be an asshole.

Now, the way it works:

1. You prompt by replying to this post, and leaving a fic request in a comment ("Post a new comment"). You can only request one story in one comment, but you can leave as many comments as you like. If this means you leave twenty comments in the space of ten minutes, so be it. The whole point of this is to give writers plenty to choose from, so you can be as greedy as you wish. Prompting doesn't mean you're automatically signing up to write. You can just prompt, or just write, or both.

2. This is primarily for fic, but if you want to request other types of fanworks, feel free.

3. You fill a prompt by replying to the comment it's in (click "reply to this"). You can post your story directly in your comment, or post it on AO3 and just link here. I would strongly suggest using AO3 if your story is longer than 1k words, but the choice is yours. You can fill as many prompts as you want, and there is no minimal word count for a story. More than one person can fill one prompt. There is no set posting date, so you can start right now, or wait however long you wish.

4. There is a limit of how long a comment can be on dreamwidth, so if your story is too long for one comment, just break it up into multiple comments. What you want to do is reply to the prompt with your first comment, then reply to the first comment with a second comment and so on. This is what's easiest for everyone to read!

5. You can both prompt and write fic anonymously. You can use this option if you don't have a dreamwidth account, but also if you're just shy :). If you have trouble figuring out how to post a prompt, you can also leave it on tumblr, and I'll add it here for you.

6. Please warn for common triggers in "subject" line of your comments. This applies to both prompts and stories. Also, please warn for s3/4 spoilers. If your prompt or story is not safe for work, indicate it by starting your subject line with [nsfw].

7. It's fine to comment on both prompts and stories, but please keep it encouraging. If you think a certain kink/setting/idea doesn't work for Bellamy and Raven, just let other people have their fun. Please, give the authors some love if you read their story. Feedback is always nice!

If you have any question, please ask in this thread, or on tumblr.

nsfw or not as you wish

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Privacy issues or when you (braven) are stuck with two couples in space and you don't really want them to know that you might be falling with each other after hooking up wherever/whenever possible